Since the establishment of OctaFX, we have visited a lot of different countries, but we are always glad to expand our horizons and find like-minded people all around the world.

This time two magical countries conquered our hearts - The United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Not only those places are full of wonders of history and nature, but we also had a great chance to meet our partners and establish a great relationship with them, that promise a productive and prosperous future.

From mysterious and full of history landscapes of Cairo to urbanistic paradise of Dubai, we managed not only to admire the sights of those beautiful countries but also spend a lot of time discussing important questions.

We are more than grateful for the warm welcome we received from our partners. It’s always great to find new people to work with, so it was amazing to meet so many new people who were willing to collaborate with us and make strong connections with OctaFX.

As a result, we received a lot of feedback from our partners concerning the ways we can make our website better. It’s always great to get new ideas, and we really appreciate the enthusiasm and the number of great thoughts that we can bring to life and make our partnership beneficially better.

The most important part of that meeting was the discussion of payment methods available in those countries to make transactions as smooth as possible. The news of swaps being cancelled was greeted with great excitement.

The meeting ended with the exchange of ideas and, of course, a small gift from our part - OctaFX merch: T-shirts, planners, pens, baseball caps and flags.

We hope to strengthen our presence in those marvellous countries and achieve a lot with priceless and hard work of our partners.

See you soon!