We love our partners, and they love us in return. That’s why our visit to Indonesia and Malaysia was so anticipated.

Since we have been working with those countries for about 8 years, this trip was filled with meetings with our old friends, as well as new faces who wished to start a productive partnership with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for such a warm welcome.

We have spent 1 week in Indonesia and were able to travel all around Java. Besides impressive mountain landscapes, ancient temples and breathtaking views of business centres, the cities we visited greeted us with enthusiasm and willingness to share our common love for Forex trading.

Discussions were dedicated to our mutual plans for the future, as well as the hard work our partners have done. The most interesting topics were: 

  • Prospects of opening offline education for our clients

  • Development of Copytrading

  • Courses available for our clients to help them become professional traders and simply learn more about the things they really enjoy.

During our visit, there was an inspiring seminar organised by our partners OctaFX Explorer. More than 200 people gathered to share their experience and knowledge, encourage new traders and see the impressive results of those experienced in trading, uniting traders from our big community all around Indonesia.

Malaysia welcomed us with even more enthusiasm. We were glad to meet our old friends and enhance relations with those who want to join our team. Our Malaysian partners are numerous, but we are always glad to see new faces and establish new connections. Our goal is to provide you with the possibility to fulfil your desire to make a living out of Forex, bring clients and improve your business.

The most memorable event was the discussion of swaps and commissions cancellation. This amazing news became the result of those meetings with our partners, and we are grateful for their feedback that helped us reach this mutually beneficial conclusion.

Not only was our trip dedicated to business questions, but also gave us the possibility to participate in a charity event. Our partnership with our dear friends from Bali Sports Foundation lasts for a long time, and as the result of Ramadan charity collection, we donated $6,000 to support their goals.

We would like to thank everyone who greeted us on this memorable trip, we hope to come back soon to make our partnership even better!